Established in February 2008 as a foundation, and after an initial boost by the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Business of the Regional Government of Andalusia, the GARUM Centre for innovation and technology aspires to have the highest rate of participation of companies and private entities, in order to set up an extensive board, with presence of all groups that compose the fishing industry cluster.
Thus, CT Garum will become the intermediate body of reference for industrial, fisheries and R&D policies, at all levels, and enterprises will participate directly in its government board.
D. Andres Espinosa Sanchez holds the Presidency, as the personal representative of Ubago Group and member of the Foundation Board of CT Garum:
  • IDEA - Agencia de Innovación y Desarrollo de Andalucía
  • Empresa Municipal de Isla Cristina S.A
  • Universidad de Huelva
  • USISA - Unión Salazonera Isleña S.A.
  • EMICSA-La Empresa Municipal de Isla Cristina
New Partners & Membership.
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